Dear Qui Talks: Are You Taking Stupid Risks?

Dear Qui Talks, Ask yourself these questions.... Are you willing to take a risk to do something stupid? Or are you willing to take a risk to do something great? Many of us take stupid risks every day but when it comes to a life-changing risk, we are more hesitant to move. For instance, many... Continue Reading →


This World is in Need of Repair!

People who are spiritually minded tend to suffer from anxiety and depression more. But this is because their eyes are open to a world that is in need of repair. They literally have an increased ability to feel the emotions of people around them. -Anonymous

Today’s Lesson: Dare to Be Creative

Think about all the creative ideas that come to you in one day. How many do you dismiss as trivial or unproductive? Healing requires impractical and daring creativity. Your goal: To observe how you respond to your own creative voice- are you receptive or self-critical?   Wisdom for Healing Cards (Caroline Myss)

Sunday’s Message: Don’t Get Mad When Your Plans Do Not Work!

Don't be mad when your plans do not work. Sometimes God will make you fail in an area to get you where you need to be. Sometimes God will bless you by disappointment. God makes NO mistakes. "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways," declares the LORD.   (Isaiah 55:8)  Bishop Ellis co-pastor of FCBC

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