Sunday’s Message: Who Knows?

We are all facing destruction from all ends. With the past shootings, killings, murders, and uncertainty we find ourselves being pushed against a wall with no way out. The bible tells us to look up to God and cry for his help. Just because things look bad does not mean that is the end all.... Continue Reading →


Happy Haitian Flag Day!

The Haitian flag has long been a smbol of pride for Haiti. Haitian Flag Day on Friday, May 18, is all about celebrating the culture and heritage of the Haitian flag, which is emblazoned with the country’s coat of arms and the colors red and blue, adopted from the French flag. Haiti gained its independence... Continue Reading →

This is Haiti!

The Haitian Revolution was the greatest African / Hebrew emancipation of slaves in history! Every person of "African" descent should strongly consider this. We're all taught about the American Revolution (1765 - 1783), the French Revolution (1789 - 1799), the Russian Revolution of 1917 and even the Chinese Revolution (also known as the Chinese Civil... Continue Reading →

The Greater Knowing…Sexual Energy!

Be careful who you give your all too. You may be emptying yourself into someone that can’t fill you back up. Watch for the signs! Ways of the Master explains it best below!

Ways of The Master

In the precious union of two people who love each other, in the spiritual and energetic aspect, when man enters your divine-feminine temple what type of energy is he carrying…??  Is he upset…??  Is he confused…??  Is he bitter…??  Is he loving…??  Does he recognize love within himself…??  Does he truly respect you and love you…??  What is the true state of his consciousness…??–but not just his desire and lust for you.

Is the woman in the mood…??  Does she feel security and trust…??  Is she blessing you or cursing you…??  Does she feel happy…??  Is she sad…??  Does she love herself…??  Does she love you…??  Mature and divine sex, lovemaking, is a ritual of exchanging energies, emotional states, levels of consciousness, spiritual bliss, and it is an art form; consequently, it is in the creative expression of the inner individual, the more creative energy used, surrendered, the more transcendence…

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Dear Qui Talks: Know Your Worth!

Dear Qui Talks, This world is ever-changing and lately, it seems to be changing for the worst. A genocide is currently taking place and we are losing control. Despite the world around us, we have to stay true to ourselves and know our worth. Many people will put you into a category because of your past and/or... Continue Reading →

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