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Dear Qui Talks: I Feel Like A 90s Toy!

Dear Qui Talks, I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately. Not only am I stressed that I haven't been able to post on my website every single day like I normally do, but I have so much that needs to be completed and not enough time. I know this line sounds so cliché but when... Continue Reading →


This Week’s Lesson: Be Proactive!

Recognize one of the major areas of insecurity in your life, and see how much it disempowers you. Then identify one small action you can take to release that insecure feeling. Your goal: To observe whether you're proactive or passive, since healing requires proactive energy.

Black Owned Businesses: BAILEY LI

Self-taught Interior decorator/designer & curator of insanely stylish spaces. Bailey has a background in fashion, real estate, and corporate sales. Bailey discovered her passion for decorating while working as a Real Estate agent. Drawn to the architecture & character of historical homes she began providing Home Staging services to homeowners that were looking to sell. In order to appeal to... Continue Reading →

Black Owned Businesses: Bella Nail Lounge

Bella Nail Lounge and Beauty Bar is located at 41 Maiden Lane in Newark NJ's Teacher's Village. Bella was created based on a daydream in late 2014 coupled with the frustrations of the limitations of accessible good service in an amazing environment with quality services, customer service and endless options in Newark (NJ). I decided to... Continue Reading →

Dear Qui Talks: It’s Not All About Me!

 Dear Qui Talks, My family and everything around it has been stressing me out since I've returned to NY. I thought I was going to come home and relax after having a stressful year and a half in California. However, I was hugely mistaken. Since returning, I have been pulled in every direction. My sister's... Continue Reading →

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