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Dolce & Gabanna Racist Controversy

Dolce and Gabanna is stirring up controversy with their spring 2013 Dolce & Gabbana show during Milan Fashion Week. Many are offended with their Sicily inspired collection. They feel as if, part of the collection replicated the time of slavery. Especially the “Aunt Jemima” earrings.

The show presented over 85 looks, and there were no black models represented on the runway. Was that a good idea or not?

This is a luxury brand is owned by two caucasian men, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana . However, if we saw these earrings on any of our black friends, we’d probably think that they were cool or just representing the “Motherland.”


Many bloggers had alot to say about this issue.

The team over at the Guardian said:

“The earrings are reminiscent of Blackamoor statues that can be found in Italy, but more recognisably to non-Italians, Aunt Jemima dolls. That’s the same Aunt Jemima that, initially conceived as part of a minstrel show, became an image that romanticised slavery and plantation life. There’s no denying they’re offensive.”

Refinery29 individuals felt some type of way as well:

“These severed heads dangling from a pale-skinned model’s ear are not fun or playful, but simply evocative of some of the darkest times in Western history.”

Everyone is so fixated the earrings what about some of the pieces in the collection. How do you guys feel about that? Let me know!

Written by: Qui Joacin

Credit: ImaxTree


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