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Fashion Group International (FGI) Trend Overview

Today, November 14, 2012, Fashion Group International had a trend overview presentation and panel discussion of the Spring/Summer 2013 RTW collections. This presentation included shows from New York, London, Milan, and Paris! The discussion panel included Mickey Boardman, Editorial Director of Paper Magazine, Christina Binkley, Style Columnist of The Wall Street Journal, Ikram Goldman of ikram ,Chicago, Brooke Jaffe,  Accessories Fashion Director of Bloomingdale’s, and Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director of W. With special guest moderator, Sally Singer.

The FGI trend presentation video flourished the accumulated most seen styles of the RTW collections for Spring/Summer 2013. The overall assumption is that SS13 is a memory of the 60s. Many of these collections included inspirations from Mode 60s, Neo-Geo 60s, Mondrian/Yves 60s, Hipsters 60s, Hippy 60s, and Madonna of  the 80s.

The panelist had a lot to say about the collections that were viewed.Paper Magazine’s Editorial Director, Mickey Boardman stated that he loves attending women shows opposed to men shows, because he loves to be entertained. He feels men shows are boring.  Menswear have such a minimal amount of things to play with. Whereas, women clothing can be played with to the fullest.

“We’re remembered for the things that we did that were hard, not the things that we did that were easy”; said by Mickey during the panel discussion.

Brook Jaffe predicts that the white shoe will replace the nude shoe for the spring and summer season.

” When something new is cold to a designer, it will be cold to an editor. When it is cold to an editor, it will be cold on the rack. If it is cold on the rack, it will not leave the store!”

This quote was said by Sally Singer before the end of the panel discussion. I entirely believe in this quote. If a design is not loved or cared by a designer, he will not put hiss all into it and eventually show on the runway and sales.

A complete version of the FGI trend presentation is available on DVD and DVD-data.

Please contact The Fashion Group to purchase: T: (212) 202-5511 F: (212) 302-5533

Written By: Quisha Joacin


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