Rihanna Visits Chris Brown In Rehab

[HollywoodLife] Rihanna visited Chris Brown, 24, at his court-ordered anger management clinic outside LA on Dec. 8, reports MediaTakeOut. The outlet also has a very blurry photo that’s supposedly of Rihanna fleeing the clinic after she spotted cameras!

Rihanna Reportedly Visited Chris Brown At Rehab Clinic

RiRi, 25, was definitely in LA over the weekend and was pictured leaving a restaurant, reports Oh No They Didn’t, so she could have visited him.

Despite Chris and Ri’s differences after their breakup, she’s still concerned about his well-being. Rihanna is happy that Chris is in rehab and could be expressing that with a visit. “[Rihanna] hopes nothing but the best for him,” a source told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Chris Brown Enters Rehab After Assault Arrest

Chris had been in rehab before Thanksgiving, and up until now, the only people to see him were Karrueche Tran and his mother,Joyce Hawkins, who bonded while sleeping over together at Chris’ house. Karrueche even brought him a delicious home-cooked meal to his rehab center on Thanksgiving.

Looks like Rihanna may have stopped by, too! Did they have a date? We bet that Chris was happy to see her, since he still respects her.

Chris Brown: Told Not To Think About Rihanna In Rehab

Despite his respect for her, he does have mixed feelings due to his 2009 assault incident. He was instructed by his therapists to not discuss her in his previous rehab facility.

“[Chris] doesn’t think or even talk about Rihanna because she’s one of the the negatives in his life,” a source told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She as a person, is not negative, but the events and situations that happened when they were together were extremely negative and stressful on Chris.”


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