Watch Parts 1 & 2 Of Beyonce Self-Titled Documentary [Video]

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After releasing Part 1 last week, Part 2 of Beyonce giving insight into her new album is here.  Check it out below:

Beyonce opens up in the second installment of her “Self-Titled” mini documentary. The 32-year-old singer discusses imperfection in her life and how humbling her musical journey has been.

Beyonce referred back to her Girl’s Tyme performance on Star Search (which she references on her new self-titled album) and how losing the talent show changed her perspective.

“The reality is, sometimes you lose, and you’re never too big to lose, you’re never too smart to lose. It happens and it happens when it needs to happen.”

While the “Drunk In Love” singer was glad her parents pushed her to be great, over the years, Beyonce realized she missed out on the normalcy of life and all of her trophies really mean nothing to her.

“The trophy represents all of the sacrifices I made as a kid, all of the time that I lost being on the road, in the studios as a child. And I just want to blow that shit up…Nothing feels like my child saying, ‘Mommy.’ No nothing feels like when I look at my husband in the eyes. Nothing feels like when I’m respected, when I get on the stage and see that I’m changing people’s lives. Those are the things that matter.”

If you missed part one of Beyonce’s “Self-Titled” documentary, check it out below before you press play up top.


Sources: TheYBF/GlobalGrind


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