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Vanessa Simmons & Mike Wayans Celebrates Their Baby Shower

 photo vsho8_zps384805a0.png

[TheYBF] It was baby shower day for Vanessa Simmons, Mike Wayans and their little princess on the way!  Check out pics of the sugar coated family fun inside…


 photo e9cdf51c809e11e3b3a81282a24eee66_7_zps27285cbb.jpg

Now that Vanessa is just weeks away from popping out her (and Mike Wayans’) baby girl (she’s due in February!), she had her candy-filled baby shower Sunday afternoon with plenty of friends and fam.  And it all went down at the Sugar Factory in West Hollywood.

 photo ScreenShot2014-01-18at105558PM_zpsaf04fafa.png

 photo vsho3_zps1db9ad20.png

Awww well aren’t they cute.

 photo vsho7_zps21d9e980.png

Vanessa’s little sis and Pastry co-owner Angela showed off mama’s belly, and it looks like the place was filled with bright colors, candy from the Sugar Factory, and this super elaborate cake.

 photo vsho11_zps15a78516.png



 photo vshow1_zpsc4163c6d.png

Russell Simmons, Rev Run, Marlon Wayans and Justine Simmons all snapped pics with the cute couple.

 photo vsho4_zpsf67e0208.png  photo vshow8_zpsdd620165.png   photo vhso10_zpsd16aee36.png photo vsho10_zpsbc723f13.png

And Marlon and Damon, Jr. snapped a few pics with Angela.  Don’t get too close Ange.  Jr. seems to impregnate women easily….

 photo ScreenShot2014-01-18at105707PM_zps6a6f823b.png

 photo vsho2_zpsc98e0a3e.png

 photo 3049555a80a311e3b3db0ea9ea681b0f_7_zps040c1d94.jpg

Even Tyrese was there to join in on the fun.  Cute!

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