Is Chris Brown Locked Up Or In A Studio?

Earlier today TMZ told us:

Chris Brown will probably spend the next month behind bars, and possibly a lot longer.

TMZ broke the story … Chris was arrested and jailed Friday after getting thrown out of the Malibu rehab facility where he’s been living for nearly 4 months, per judge’s order.  The judge in the Rihanna case ordered Chris to stay at the rehab joint until April 28, when his D.C. assault case goes to trial.  But Chris broke the rules, was booted, and Sheriff’s deputies hauled him to jail.

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, will appear in court Monday, trying to convince the judge to cut Brown a break and let him either go to another rehab facility or go on house arrest pending the D.C. trial.  That will be an uphill battle, given that this is the second rehab facility that booted Brown.

The D.C. trial is set for April 17.   Geragos has a pretty strong defense — there are problems with the prosecution’s case.  But if Chris is found guilty, he could end up in PRISON for breaking the law while on probation in the Rihanna case.

The stakes are high.  Brown has a lot to think about behind bars.

However, Polow Da Don instagramed pictures of him and Chris in the studio last night. According to Necole Bitchie:

Is Chris Brown locked up or in a studio?

That was the question Breezy’s fans were asking on Friday after it was reported that he was thrown in jail shortly after getting kicked out of an anger management rehab facility.  Although the L.A. Sheriff’s department released a statement confirming that they had arrested Chris, producer Polow Da Don threw fans a curve ball when he tweeted a pic of himself in the studio with Chris.  He captioned it:


Polow later deleted the tweet, replacing it with a similar image from the same studio session and a new caption:


Chris brown and Polow Da Don studio

Singers Kat Pasion and Stephanie Moseley of KNS Music Group were also kicking it with Chris and Polow, but it seems as though the photos were actually taken on Thursday night before his arrest.  The girls posted their own images on Friday, saying that they were in the studio with Chris the night before.

Last night in the studio with greats.

@chrisbrown @PolowDaDon @KatPasion @Haselstar #KNS

KNS Music Group Chris Brown and Polow Da Don in the studio

While we don’t know why Chris was kicked out, what’s certain is he’s still locked up and won’t be out until the end of April. A quick inmate search will verify this piece of info.

His lawyer Mark Geragos is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, hoping to convince the judge to free his superstar client so that he can either check in at another rehab facility or do house arrest.

The weirdest part about all of this is that no one knows why he was kicked out of rehab and why he is currently in jail.



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