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Just When Things Are Getting Better, Rosie O'Donnell's Father Dies At 81

Last month, Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter went missing, and was found a few days ago with drug-dealer kidnapper, Steven Sheerer in Jersey Shore. Just when you think the universe is about to give her a break, they hit her again with the death of her 81 year-old father. Although, Rosie has described her relationship with her father as “strained,” she also said that she would always love the man that raised her.

When will the universe give her a break. There is only so much a person can take. My condolences, Rosie!

[HollywoodlifeEdward Joseph O’Donnell passed away at the age of 81 on Sunday, August 23 after battling cancer. We can’t imagine the terrible heartbreak his daughter, Rosie O’Donnell, 53, is experiencing at this time. After a month that already caused her pain and suffering with thedisappearance of her daughter, we’re sending our love to Rosie to help her deal with what has to be immense grief.

Though Rosie has described her relationship with her father as “strained,” she also said that she would always love the man that raised her. After her mother, Roseann O’Donnell (her namesake), died on March 17,1973 from breast cancer — when Rosie was just 10 years-old, her father distance himself from his five children due to his pain and shock. It was a move that apparently broke the family, but Rosie has since forgiven him. How absolutely upsetting that Rosie has lost both her parents to cancer.

“He had his own issues and demons, he had a very tough childhood, he had an alcoholic, abusive father and never really got the help that I think every person needs when they have lived through that as a child,” Rosie told Piers Morgan in 2012 about her issues with her father. “I think that he had a lot of problems to deal with.”

But despite that those problems, Rosie couldn’t stay mad at her father, even though she said that some of the things that Edward did while raising her and her siblings were “unforgivable.”


“You get to be 50 years old you can’t still be angry at what your father did in 1970,” Rosie said. “You have to work it out for yourself and find a place for it in your life and not rehash it forever. No matter what, at the end of the day, every child loves their dad.”

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How very sweet. It’s such an awful thing having to go through to death of a parent. We just wish Rosie, her children and her siblings all the best during this tough time. This is an especially awful time for Rosie, considering the ordeal she went through at the beginning of August.

Rosie’s 17-year-old daughter, Chelsea, was reported missing on August 18, thankfully found by police quickly and safely. The ordeal was every parent’s worst nightmare. Chelsea is mentally ill, and disappeared with her service dog and no medicine; Rosie had no idea where her daughter was, or if she was in any danger. Rosie revealed that Chelsea had actually been missing since August 11 — and blessedly, she returned home safe and sound after such a long time away.

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