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13 Year Old Boy Shreds Obama On Clock Kid

Many people know about the muslim kid, Ahmed Mohamed, that was arrested for bringing a clock to school that they mistaken to be a bomb. As a result to this mistake, Ahmed has been personally invited to the white house by President Obama. Apparently, this invitation did not sit well with 13 year old, CJ Pearson.

At first I thought maybe he was just hating, but he did have some good points. However, if Obama sat down and called everyone that had a tragedy that happened to them, he would be on the phone all day and would not have time to run the country. Let alone start another controversy with the others he does not call because they would feel that their issue was not as important as others. So I understand where you are coming from, but just let it go. You having no respect for the President it your opinion, and that’s it. If you want to go to the White House, take a trip.

[Time] A young African American conservative with a big Internet following has posted a video vigorously criticizing President Obama’s decision to invite 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed to the White House.

CJ Pearson, 13, questioned the president’s priorities in extending the invitation, noting that he had not invited the families of slain police officers to the White House. “But when a Muslim kid builds a clock? Come on by,” he says in the video posted to YouTube.

Mohamed brought a home-made clock to school to show his teacher; it was mistaken for a bomb and he was arrested. Obama responded to the news by tweeting a message of encouragement to the student:

Pearson, whose YouTube channel has some 11,800 subscribers, tells the Washington Post that he strongly believes “that Senator Cruz is truly what America needs to make America the shining city on a hill it once was.”

The young man called Mohamed a “political prop” for the Democratic party, but asked if he sees himself as a prop for Republicans, he said, “Not at all. At the end of the day, I’m not beholden to the Republican Party. They don’t own me and they never will. My political involvement is based on fighting for the conservative principles I believe in and fighting for the future of my generation.”

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