‘The Muppets’: The Shocking Reason Behind Kermit & Piggy’s Split Revealed + Kemit’s New Girlfriend

[HollywoodLife] It’s the story that took the world by story. After years, nay, decades together, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog announced over the summer that their relationship was over and done with. After weeks of wondering what could have possibly gone wrong, the answer came to light on the series premiere of the new show, The Muppets — and it was pretty heartbreaking.

Let’s set the scene here — after over 30 years away from the small screen, The Muppets are back with a mockumentary series taking viewers behind-the-scenes of the gang’s show-within-a-show, “Late Night With Miss Piggy.” Jim Henson‘s beloved characters immediately draw viewers of all age in with some brilliant, yet surprisedly adult comedy. Listen closely and you’ll hear Sam The Eagle make a sex pun and Fozzie Bear’s frustration over only meeting other ‘bears’ with online dating. Hilarious!

While Piggy remains head hog as host, Kermit leads the rest of the team as the executive producer of her talk show, which makes things dicey considering their recent breakup. When Kermit announces Elizabeth Bankswill be her guest this week, Piggy flies into a rage, refusing to interview her. At first, Kermit thinks Piggy is holding a grudge against Elizabeth over an embarrassing Hunger Games screen test they had together and gets angry with her over her huge ego. But the truth is, Piggy can’t help but associate Elizabeth with the worst night of her life. After a date night to see  Pitch Perfect 2, Kermit decided to end things with Piggy over, as he puts it, ‘everything’ they’ve been through over the years, particularly her diva attitude. He leaves Piggy stunned and brokenhearted outside the theater, and she’s clearly still not over their breakup to this day.

Meet Kermit’s New Girlfriend -Image Courtesy of ANDREA MCCALLIN/ABC
Denise, Kermit’s New Girlfriend -Image Courtesy of ANDREA MCCALLIN/ABC

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