Wale & Azealia Banks’ Twitter Feud About Black Men

As we all know, Azealia Banks has a mouth on her, and she does not care where or who she is aiming at, she will not back down. We remember her fight on the plane and her rant towards Sarah Palin, well Azealia has a new target, Wale!

Apparently, Azealia writes a tweet about how black men do not protect women in their time of need. Wale wasted no time in telling her that the reason why she is not protected is because men are “terrified” of her. And the fighting begins. See all the tweets below:

 photo azwale1.png
Images via TheYBF.com
 photo azwale4.png
Images via TheYBF.com
 photo abw1.jpg
Images via TheYBF.com
 photo abw2.jpg
Images via TheYBF.com
 photo abw3.jpg
Images via TheYBF.com



Qui Talkers, let e know what you think!

Well, that is all I have to say. My lips are sealed, till next time!



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