Don’t Forget To Vote Today. Primary Election, What You Need To Know!

Don’t forget to vote today for the primary election. For those who do not know what the primary election is, well, wiki says that a primary election is an election that narrows the field of candidates before an election for office.

democratic primaryrepublican primary

[HollywoodLife] In case you’re wondering exactly how many delegates are at stake for the New York primary  291 Democratic delegates and 71 Republican. Hillary Clinton is currently ahead of Bernie Sanders. She has 1,758 delegates and she needs 2,383 to be able to secure the nomination. Donald Trump has 744 and needs 1,237 to secure his nomination as the Republican presidential candidate. The race is currently very close with Ted Cruz trailing close behind with 559 delegates. The answer is yes … it’s imperative that you vote. But you need to keep in mind that the polling stations aren’t open until midnight. The times are from 6am — 9pm, so you have to make sure you allow enough time to get to a station, wait in line and make it before the cut off.

So, if you do not want Donald Trump to become a main candidate, go cast your vote today before the polls close. Still confused on where to vote or if you are registered to vote, CLICK HERE!



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