Cutest Couple Twitter Fight: Nick Young Calls Iggy “Becky” Then She BLASTS Him Over Misspelled Tattoo

 photo ignick3.png

After catching wind of his tweet, Iggy decided she would BLAST her man! Apparently, Nick was in the process of getting a huge back tattoo that said “Born Rebel,” except, the tattoo artist spelled it wrong! It was spelled “Born Reble” Lordt. Didn’t they sketch it out on his back first?!

Iggy said she walked in just in time before the tattoo artist finished the misspelled tat. She proceeded to post up a picture as receipts. But it still looks mispelled.  Peep her tweets (read from the bottom up):

 photo ignick2.png

 photo ignick1.png


The Lakers baller then threw in the towel and tried to say his account was hacked. Of course.

 photo ignick4.png

Bye Nick.

Right before Iggy’s “Becky” feud with her boo, the Australian rapper was engaging with her fans online about why she found the term to be offensive and stereotypical. She clarified that she did NOT think Beyonce was a racist, but said the name shouldn’t be used to describe any race. Peep the tweets (read from the bottom up):

 photo iggybecky.png


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