Orange Is The New Black -Season 4- Trailer

The Emmy-winning drama series’ fourth season will premiere Friday, June 17.

Entertainment Weekly:

1. Tastee’s got the power

Tastee spent a large part of the previous season as the responsible mother figure for her group in Litchfield, and it looks like that good behavior and those leadership skills are paying off. As the new warden, Caputo appoints Tastee to be his secretary (although she appears to have some trouble figuring out the phone). It sounds like a great gig, but the trailer seems to show Cindy possibly persuading Tastee to take advantage of the privileged position.

2. It’s getting crowded

As Daya’s mother Aleida says in the trailer, “It’s sardine time, bitches.” Now that Litchfield is a for-profit prison, Caputo has 100 new inmates to squeeze into Litchfield, and he’s also bringing in a slew of new COs. This means new characters, such as the Martha Stewart-based cooking star Judy King, whom we see telling Poussey that she won’t allow herself to be desexualized, and also much more tension — one of the new COs describes his relationship with the prisoners as “They hate me; I hate them.”

3. Alex and Red have a secret

Although we don’t actually see Alex in the trailer, we hear her voice in a conversation with Red, asking, “Can you keep a secret?” Red’s response: “I love secrets.” What could these two be scheming?

4. Poussey and Soso look like they’re getting intimate

At the end of last season, we saw Poussey and Soso forming a close bond over having both experienced so much isolation during season 3. Now, in a brief flash from the trailer, it appears as though they’ll be getting even closer in this new season. The quick segment shows the two inmates in a loving embrace.

5. Crazy Eyes is having medical trouble

Another quick flash from the trailer shows Suzanne on a hospital bed. We might assume this could be from a psychiatric break as she has had in the past, or it could be from a physical altercation, as the bandage on her head may imply.

6. Maria is not happy with Piper

Piper also reveals she’s made the whole prison angry with her in the trailer, but one inmate in particular seems especially ticked off at our protagonist. “I am going to bury you,” Maria seethes at Piper.

7. The SWAT team is getting involved

The trailer seems to depict what might be Orange Is the New Black’s most violent season yet, as COs slam inmates against the wall, and even the SWAT team charges into the prison at one point. Lolly’s been shown to be paranoid in the past, but when she says, “They could just wipe us out. Boom, boom, boom!” it doesn’t feel too farfetched.

8. Cindy is getting involved in a religious conflict

One of the most touching moments of the season 3 finale was Cindy finally being able to convert to Judaism, but that feel-good warmth is definitely gone as Cindy is shown arguing with a new inmate. As Cindy’s newfound Judaism is so important to her, and the new inmate is wearing a hijab, we might be in store for a religion-based conflict between the two in season 4.

9. Sadly, there’s still no sign of Nicky

Natasha Lyonne’s beloved heroin addict character Nicky Nichols is not seen or mentioned in the trailer. Around the middle of season 3, Nicky was sent to maximum security after being blamed for heroin possession. As a fan favorite, many hope to see her again in season 4, but she’s still M.I.A. at this point.



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