Anne Hathaway Throws Major Shade At The Kardashians

[HollywoodLifeAnne Hathaway just slammed the Kardashians but now she claims it was totally accidental. The 33-year-old actress posted a pic of actress Helena Bonham Carter with a caption that most fans thought was the ultimate shade at America’s reality stars. But Anne took it down and apologized for any “shade” being thrown around but a lot of people aren’t buying it.

The pic of Helena dressed boho chic read: “In a world of Kardashians… be a Helena Bonham Carter.” It was then that devoted Kardashian fans began attacking Anne for the diss and that’s when she posted a message that read: “It never occured to me that I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace x.” A lot of Instagram users commented on Anne’s new post with messages. Sophiakaneng wrote: “@annehathaway did the right thing by removing the post. It was petty even for her!!!!!!!” Also, Evilgirlvhaters commented: “Kim Kardashian also dedicates her time to the LA children’s hospital since she was a teenager till present! FACTS!”


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