MTV Real World “Go Big Or Go Home”: Ceejai Finally Takes Jenna Down [Video]

For those who still watches MTV’s Real World, like myself, can finally rest easy and be happy.

Here is a small synopsis for those who do not watch the show. Jenna is the racist roommate that lives among 2 black cast-mate and a gay cast-mate. However, this girl was raised in the all white confederate town, so she was raised and taught to be racist. When her roommates tried all season to take her in and teach her how to be more cultural, the more the became aggravated with her stubborn ways. including CeeJai. She tried and tried to accept her, but the more racist Jenna became towards her, calling her “ratchet” and telling her to go “pick some cotton.” CeeJai has finally had enough, and beat that girl’s a**!

Watch both small clips.

Now, here’s the thing, I do not condone fighting. CeeJai, herself, was upset the first time Jenna swung at her and she just dragged her to make her stop. However, sometimes there is only so much you can do when a person keeps picking at you. Ignoring them only can go so far. But I am happy she hit her for a little then stopped. If you watched the season then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Talkers who watch the show, tell me what you think?


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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