Kim Kardashian Drops Her Drawers For GQ magazine Cover

Global Grind:

With the mom, entrepreneur, and reality star holding nothing but a leather jacket to cover her breasts and lady parts, the publication promises “Kim: As You’ve Never Seen Her” for its 10th annual Love, Sex, & Madness issue. Though we’ve seen her naked tons of times, her look varies in that she’s pretty bare makeup-wise, sporting just the basic necessities for the shoot. Plus, it looks like her own hair, sans extensions.

Kim Kardashian GQ Magazine Cover Shoot

In the photos that follow, we see Kim in multiple looks, including a cut-out one-piece bathing suit, as well as a leather trench coat she sports with a sheer bra. As usual the photos are gorgeous, but this time around, her accompanying interview is what has the potential to break the internet—possibly even shatter it.

Kim Kardashian GQ Magazine Cover Shoot

According to GQ, Kim knows what was really in O.J. Simpson’s Louis Vuitton bag. Along with the beautiful cover photo, the publication notes:

“America’s muse gave writer Caity Weaver unprecedented access and a wide-ranging interview about the special way she drives Kanye crazy, being on team #imwithher, what was really in O.J.’s Louis Vuitton bag (yeah, Kim knows), and making her life her business. As Weaver writes: “Kanye might be the artistic genius in the family, but Kim is the CEO.”


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