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Chapecoense Soccer Player, 22, Killed In Plane Crash, Just Found Out He Would Be A Dad


On Nov. 29, Chapecoense de Brasil striker Tiago da Rocha Vieira, 22, better known as Tiaguinho, was listed among the players who were believed to have been killed when a plane carrying the team to a historical game crashed in Colombia. One week earlier, Tiaguinho found out he was going to be a first-time daddy in the sweetest way possible. The video that shows him getting the big news is just heartbreaking to watch now.


The striker was filmed in a hotel room with his teammates who had a message and gift sent from his wife, Graziele. In the video, you can see Tiaguinho sitting against a wall and reading a note that came inside the gift bag (which has tiny baby shoes in it). The look on his face when he realizes he is having his first child, a baby boy, is absolutely priceless. He jumps up and down and sings and dances with all his teammates. It is so sad to watch knowing that Tiaguinho will now never meet his little boy and that child will grow up without his father, who already loved him so much.

The video of Tiaguinho was posted online on Nov. 29 by his family members after they found out he was one of the people who died in the tragic crash. The plane was on its way from Bolivia to Colombia, as Chapecoense was set to face Atletico Nacional in the tournament’s finale. There were 21 journalists on board the plane along with the team. Around midnight local time, ground control lost contact with the plane. The exact cause of the crash has yet to be determined. Club fans around the world, as well as the players who weren’t on the flight are devastated over this tragedy.


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