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Khloe Kardashian Sells $1 Million Worth Of Denim On First Day Of Launch

​A lot of people keep asking why are these Kardashian girls famous, apparently their fans have the answer. Especially since Khloe can make $1million dollars in one day. It is every designers dream to make $1 million the day their product launches. Well, Khloe crushes that barrier.

[BossipKhloe Kardashian has a lot to chuckle aboutthese days, and now she’s laughing all the way to the bank. Khloe launched her denim line “Good American” in October and she’s already racked up $1 million from the first day after a review according to People. That means Khloe has had the most successful denim launch in the history of fashion says People. At that rate, who thinks she really cares if people think her behind is real or fake??

Khloe has been criticized in the past over whether her figure is natural or sculpted. It seems like consumers don’t care. They showed out in record numbers for the denim, surely they trust her product geared toward “curvier” women. This rings similar to her surgically pouty sister, Kylie Jenner who broke records with her lip kit recently. Khloe’s “Good Waist Jean” was the most popular variety according to Racked and retails at $169.


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