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Lamar Odom Opens Up About Brothel, Khloe Kardashian, and Coma

[RadarOnline] Lamar Odom is in rehab – and back on TV! The Doctors released a promo clip for a new tell-all interview with the fallen NBA star this morning, amid new reports that he’s secretly filming his own reality show. And insiders told RadarOnline.com that Kris Jenner (Watch on Hulu) is behind the whole thing!

“The family thinks that this is Kris and Khloe’s doing,” a source close to the Kardashian clan told Radar. “Both of them are trying to act like they knew nothing about Lamar’s new show, but her sisters think that they are both full of it!”

As previously reported, in Oct. 2015, Odom overdosed at a brothel outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since then, he has not maintained to maintain continuous sobriety for a lengthy period of time.

When Dr. Travis Stork asked Odom about rumors that he was still using in the interview preview clip above, Odom grew visibly uncomfortable.

But according to the source, the Kardashians (Watch on Hulu) think reality TV could hold the key to his recovery.

“Kris devised a plan so that Lamar is not out on the streets and homeless,” the insider told Radar, adding, “She pitched the show and it got picked up because the network knows that this has the potential to be total train wreck TV!”



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