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Nicki Minaj Criticized for Mocking Mentally Ill Woman on Instagram

[US Weekly] As the Instagram video made the rounds online, the National Alliance on Mental Illness issued a statement to TMZ to condemn Minaj for mocking the woman. “Nobody would make fun of a cancer patent, and mental illness is an illness like any other,” a rep for the organization told the site, adding that Minaj, who has 69.7 million Instagram followers, used her fame in a negative manner.

The entertainer’s fans, collectively known as Barbz, meanwhile, came to her defense. “I don’t think Nicki meant any harm if the woman had come to the car I’m sure Nicki would have given her something probably money,” one fan commented.

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“You can clearly tell this woman has [a] mental illness and didn’t want to be filmed period,” another person noted. “If I was u Nicki I would remove this post, I know u didn’t know she was sick.”

[SOHH] Talk show icon Wendy Williams has kicked some game to Nicki Minaj. The veteran entertainment personality has scolded Nicki this week following a controversial Instagram post she put up.

On her talk show Tuesday (December 6), Wendy directly singled out Nicki and her crew over making fun of an alleged mentally ill person on IG.

“I don’t know if Nicki was on one or what at the time, but you know, you need to be a lot more sensitive to mental illness. And I know we all have our ways, we forget about being sensitive and stuff, that was a direct, buzz the window down, sit, probably a car full of people that are smart enough to tell her, ‘Yo, Nicki, alright, stop making jokes. Nicki, you’re going to post that? Wait, don’t post that. Don’t post it.’ So she’s surrounded by stu’nods.”


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