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Rumor Affair Between Kim Kardashian And Marquette King

[Inquisitr] The Twitter account of Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) has been silent since October 2. On Instagram, Kim last uploaded a photo nine weeks ago. In the absence of Kardashian not posting updates to her social media accounts, plenty of rumors have swirled about the state of Kim’s marriage to Kanye West. One of those rumors is a report that claims Kim and Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King are having an affair. According to 24/7 Sports, the rumor about Kardashian and King is gaining popularity. As seen in writer Kevin Bollard’s posts, the Kardashian affair rumor has gotten more than 225,000 views in seven hours.

The rumors about Kardashian and King began with Terez Owens, a blogger whose 77-word blog post about the affair rumors between Kim and Marquette started all the melee. Even Terez admitted that he didn’t know if the affair rumors were actually true about King and Kardashian, and only pointed to a vague tip as his source of the Kim and Marquette adultery rumors. Terez didn’t publish any photos of Marquette and King together as proof.


“We reported the rumors that Kim Kardashian allegedly was cheating on Kanye with a Raiders player, not sure if it’s true, but now we’ve been tipped off that the player in question is Marquette King, the Raiders flamboyant punter. How the Raiders got mixed up with the Kardashians is anyone’s guess, but you know if there’s any truth to it, consider the Raiders season over. The Kardashian effect is Real, just ask Kanye, Lamar, and Scott Disick.-TO”

Rumors about Kardashian having a medical illness that supposedly caused Kanye to have a mental breakdown have been dismissed as untrue by the Gossip Cop. According to the New York Daily News, the rumors about Kardashian making plans to get a divorce from Kanye are also not true. Those rumors claimed that Kim was simply waiting for the right time for Kanye to heal after his mental breakdown for Kardashian to file for divorce. It seems as though the vacuum left by Kim reporting her own happenings with Kanye via social media and through Keeping Up with the Kardashians has caused folks to create guesses at their own storylines surrounding the marriage.

Marquette King
[Image by D. Ross Cameron/AP Images]

Previously, Owens posted another short piece about Kardashian allegedly cheating with a player from the Raiders — with the follow-up post naming Marquette as Kim’s alleged affair partner. Owens called Kardashian a “porn star” in his previous post about Kardashian’s alleged cheating. As reported by TMZ, Kardashian has previously received retractions from publications.

“We are hearing rumors that Porn Star Kim Kardashian was caught cheating on her 3rd husband Kanye West. We are hearing that this helped lead to his ‘mental breakdown.’ Our ears are to the street to find out who the Raiders player could be, story developing. The Evil Empire strikes again, these devils just need to go away. I guess it runs in the family, lets hope this doesn’t curse the Raiders great season.-TO”

For his part, posted a video of himself playing a piano version of “White Iverson,” the popular rap song that uses plenty of basketball references to pay homage to Allen Iverson and other players as the lyrics speak of wanting money like the championship ring never obtained.

“A ‘White Iverson’ type of morning…”

With Kardashian taking plenty of time off after being robbed at gunpoint in Paris, it isn’t clear when Kim will return to the spotlight.

[Image by Lionel Cironneau/AP Images]

So many rumors tend to swirl around folks as famous as Kardashian, Kanye, and King, but the truth will win out in time.




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