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Haitian Athletes Help Their Hometown After Hurricane Matthew

Garcon recently spoke to ESPN about traveling to the island with teammates to deliver medical supplies:

“It’s the least we can do,” Garcon said by phone. “We have easy access to the medical supplies in our training room. These people are dying here. For us to provide the medical supplies and keep someone alive, just giving them IVs, that’s a life-changing thing where we can help. It’s very small, and we take for granted having an IV, but after dealing with a hurricane and dealing with not having those basic needs, it will keep a lot of people alive.”

Garcon said Snyder and others at Redskins Park had been asking him all week about his family in Haiti (they’re OK). Then Snyder made the offer after the game. The plane left around 10 a.m. Monday, a day off for the players. Saturday, the Redskins sent a plane with supplies and goods to hurricane victims in the Bahamas. Garcon said his hope was that other teams — whether professional or in the college ranks — also would send medical supplies.

Dumervil helped fund and build 58 homes in Haiti this summer that helped shield residents from the devastation of the hurricane reports Baltimore Ravens:

Ravens outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil, whose parents hail from Haiti, is once again stepping up to help, but he needs assistance.

Dumervil worked with New Story, a charity devoted to helping Haiti, to construct 58 homes in a slum village in Haiti this summer. All of the homes they built survived the storm, and about a thousand natives crammed into them to find safety from Hurricane Matthew.

Other people fled to a school built by Seahawks defense end Cliff Avril, who is also of Haitian descent, but many in Haiti were not so fortunate.

“A lot of people still live in tents left over from the earthquake. Most of the tents are just gone now,” Dumervil said.


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