Media Frenzy

My Motivation To You! Not Everything is Perfect!

I have been having a really bad week last week. Although, I finished  the New York City marathon and felt on top of the world,  the world try to crumble down on me. I have been stressed out, exhausted and stretched out so thin that I just felt like breaking. I had a talk with myself and I realize that this is the time that you do not give up. When things get hard this is the time you work even harder because that means your goal is just getting so much closer. If you quit when things get hard then that means you will always be a quitter and you will never rise to the occasion or to the top. So I woke up this morning with a new look on life and ready to take over this world. I’ve learned to jump this hurdle of the week that I had and I am ready start this new week with a new look on things and a new strength to make it to the top. So, today I want to shed some light on those who are going through some hard times……Keep it going! When things get hard that means you are doing the right thing and on the path to get to where you need to be. This is just the hurdle you constantly keep hearing about and meeting. Don’t quit now because then you will have to start all over again! Finish this race we call SUCCESS!


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