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Dating! What Am I Doing Wrong?

What is going on with today’s generation of men. I always had an older mindset when it came to dating, hence why I have always been single.I never enjoyed the high school dating drama.

 Now, that I am older, I seem to keep running into the same young minded men. Do not get me wrong, the men I meet are semi-gentlemen. They open doors, walk on the roadside of you, and even pull out chairs. BUTTTTT, when we start talking it’s like their mind went out the window and ignorant talk is cool….NOT! I am a intelligent black woman, that can hold a conversion. I do not want to talk about sneakers, the girl your boy just f’d last night, or how “banging” my body looks. Ok, maybe that made me laugh the first time, but two, three, four times is enough. 

Also, is it to much to find a guy that is as ambitious as I am. I am a career woman that is all about my future and succeeding, why can’t I find someone with the same passion and/or mindset. Everyone seems to be content in their mediocre life. I want more for myself, so stop punishing me for that. 

The funny thing is that I always tell a guy that I am an extremely busy person. They never believe me until we start dating. Then I get ridiculed for not having anytime. Duhhhh, that’s what I told you! I know we make time for people we really want to spend time with, but my schedule sometimes really does not permit it. Plus the conversations we have makes me not want to make time for you.
Guys need to take out of their mind that a woman wants a jerk. I don’t want a pushover but I don’t want an asshole either. Am  I looking in the wrong spots or I just have the worst taste in men. Talkers let me know!


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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