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I Hate My Job!!! [Job Survival Rule]

Talkers, do you hate your job!

Hate seeing that place!

Hate seeing the people!

Sounds like you?

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So, everyone has that one job that they  absolutely hate. Every day you wake up and think can I quit today? As much as you may hate my job, you still have to wake up everyday, get there on time, and do what is asked of you. At the end of the day this job pays you bills and if you don’t have it you would be down in the dumps.

So here is my advice to you.

  • If you hate your job, you must still do it correctly and accurately. Show up on time and do what is needed of you. As much as this job gets on your nerve, you will learn something from it. Even if you are flipping burgers and frying chicken. Each job you do teaches you a life or work lesson.

  • Use this job as a stepping stone to the career path and/or goal you really want. Use it financially, resourcefully, and mentally. Every time you get really pissed off with your co-workers or boss, take that anger and put it into your career goal. Go back to school if you have too, start up a new company or even start searching for ways to start a new chapter in life. When you have an outlet or something set the down the line, people will seem to piss you off less at work. That job will not be your everything or your last resort, because when you have other options things seem to be a lot easier than it being your only option.
  • Also, try to be there less than you have to be. Nothing is worse than being at a job that you hate for an extensive period of time.
  • Go under the radar! Do not put yourself in certain situations that you know will bring attention to you. You are just trying to survive to pay your bills and get to the next point of your life.


  • Lastly, do not quit unless you have something else. Nothing is worse than quitting a job on impulse or because of your pride. Now you may end up down in the dumps because you are financially struggling because you have no income. Be smart! If you do your job correctly they can’t get rid of you until you are ready to get rid of them!

These rules should allow you to survive for the time being. If something else arise, let me know and I will help you!


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