[Qui & A] I’m Just Not That Into You!

So, one of my talkers sent me this message: 

Hey Qui Talks,

There’s a guy and he is a great guy. He is a gentleman has ambition and basically has everything going for him. The only thing that I am not really into him. Now, I know I am quick to judge and cut people off but I decided to give him a chance and continue dating him. As we go on dates and  talk on the phone my interest level for him just seems keep diminishing. I can’t quite seem to put my hands on what it is about him that turns me off. Now the problem is he is really into me. And I don’t know how to break it to him that I kind of want to end things. But here is the twist, we work with each other and everyone at eork keeps callibg us the couple of the year. What should I do?

Well, first thing first, the year is almost over so being a couple of the year will end very soon. Secondly, you need to tell him as soon as possible because you never want to be the person who turned a good guy into a “f*** boy”. You guys work with each other, so if you do not end things before he gets really really deep you will end up being the bitch in the situation and it will make your workplace very uncomfortable. Sometimes the hardest talk is the best ones. Once you have that conversation with him, I promise you that you will feel a sense of relief. No more faking feeling will take some weight off you mind and shoulders. 
Talkers, please stop dating at work. I know sometimes it just happens because that is the person you spend majority of your time with so feelings tend to develop. But, come on, when things end you still have to work there and see them. I know when I go through a break-up I want to cut all ties of communication. Although, for some it may work. But if you know you can not handle a work relationship, let’s stick to that rule,  “no more dating at the workplace.” Also when you’re not feeling a person really try to tell them. Do not lead them on because you end up turning a good person into a bad person. You never want to be the reason for that!

You have a question, I have an answer for EVERTHING. Send me an email at info@QuiTalks.com . 


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