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How To Not Get Fat During The Holidays

Guest of a Guest has posted a great topic, How not to get fat during the holidays. Everyone used the holidays as an excuse to eat excessively without feeling guilty. We also say, “I’ll start my diet after the Holidays.” Would it be great to eat great during the holidays and not gain weight? Well, now you can. Look at what you need to do:

1. PREP!

According to Carolina Araujo, a trainer at DavidBartonGymAstor Place, it’s all about preparation.

“Make sure the week leading up to that holiday is a phenomenal week on the gym floor and in the kitchen. By pushing your metabolism for those 7 days prior to that big meal you allow your metabolism to not only utilize those calories for muscle building, but also for fat burning purposes. Granted that the day AFTER such feast a well deserved training session is required.”

Luckily, DavidBartonGym locations across the nation are opening their doors to members and non-members alike this Thanksgiving for a special Get CARVED 60-minute workout. Go HERE for more info.

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2. Skip the Carbs Beforehand!

“For those who easily retain water and add on fat do to sugar intake; Drop your carbohydrate while not changing your fat intake the 3-4 days prior up to Thanksgiving. Putting your body through a deficit will also allow the carbs and fats eaten to not play such a negative toll in your body.”

[Photo via @thefeedfeed]

3. Hit The Gym, HEAVY!

“HIIT, HIIT, HIIT before and Heavy Weights after is always the key to success. While on carb deficit, the week before is the time to add supersets, plyometric exercises, and circuit training during your sessions. Shed the extra water, keep your heart rate elevated and burn more calories. Once the eating is done put the excess calories to work and allow the ongoing hypertrophy process to carry over by making your next training session a heavy lifting day.”

[Photo via @kayla_itsines]

4. Eat Breakfast!

Contrary to popular belief, skipping meals before the big dinner is just likely to backfire. Eat a reasonably sized breakfast heavy on the protein in order to make better decisions later on (as in eating one slice of pie instead of four).

[Photo via @thegardensb]

5. Bring a HEALTHY Dish!

Not only will everyone at the gathering be totally impressed that you cooked something, but you’ll also have a go-to option to pile on your plate. Check out some gluten-free dishes to bring HERE.

[Photo via @conscious_cooking]

6. Eat Your Fibers!

When starting your snacking journey throughout the day, stick to the crudité spread. Munching on high fiber veggies before the big meal will keep you full without the regret.

[Photo via @denise_sweetpeasandsaffron]

7. Eat Slowly!

Like, really enjoy it. That means chewing slowly and savoring every bite. What’s the rush? Pacing yourself will help you be more mindful and it gives your body plenty of time to register when it has had enough.

[Photo via @carolinevreeland]

8. Small Plates!

Sure it’s a little bit of a mind trick but it works. Choosing a smaller plate for dinner actually makes you feel fuller after eating less food. 

[Photo via @patriciachangny]

9. Drink Smart!

While skipping booze altogether is the best option, let’s be realistic: you’re not going to. So when pouring that glass of wine or eggnog, be smart about your glass. According to a study, people pour less liquid into glasses that are tall and thin rather than short and wide. Who cares if you’re drinking red wine out of a champagne glass? You’ll thank us later.

[Photo via @brookewedlock]

Source: Guest of a Guest 


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