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Donald Trump Says He Wants to Get the Border Wall With Mexico Started and FReaks Out On CNNReporter [Watch]

[TimeDonald Trump said at a press conference on Wednesday that he wants to “get the wall started” on the border of Mexico and the U.S., and that he believes Mexico “will reimburse us for the cost of the wall.”

“We’re going to build a wall. I could wait about a year and a half until we start our negotiations with Mexico,” he said, but “I don’t feel like waiting a year and a half.”

“I want to get the wall started. I don’t want wait a year and half to make a deal with Mexico.”

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said in August that he “made it clear” in a conversation with Trump that Mexico “will not pay for the wall.”

[Fusion] CNN reporter Jim Acosta went toe-to-toe with President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday over the network’s recent bombshell allegationsthat Trump had been presented with evidence that Russian officials had compiled damning personal information about him.

Trump, in his first press conference in six months, was at first dismissive of the report, but then he attacked CNN for publishing it. (He also called BuzzFeed “a failing pile of garbage” for publishing the dossier that contained the allegations, which have not been substantiated). The network’s Jim Acosta then demanded that he be allowed to ask Trump a question. Trump decided the most dignified and presidential thing he could do in that moment would be to start shouting. “YOU’RE FAKE NEWS,” he bellowed.

Yeah, it’s wild.

Things start out innocent enough:

JOHNSON: I’m glad I brought that up, Alisyn

CAMEROTA: Me, too, Paula. So where are you getting your information?

JOHNSON: From the media. Where else would we get it?

CAMEROTA: Which media?

JOHNSON: Some of it was CNN, I believe, and —

CAMEROTA: CNN said that 3 million illegal people voted in California?

JOHNSON: Well, it was coming all across the media. All across. If CNN didn’t do it, then they were being smart this time.

What follows is a rapid succession of seemingly straightforward questions answered, with unwavering conviction, by a woman whose false claim wilts under the slightest scrutiny.

CAMEROTA: Do you think that 3 million illegal people voted?

JOHNSON: I believe in California that there were illegals that voted.

CAMEROTA: How many?

JOHNSON: I don’t — to tell you the truth, nobody really knows that number.

Camerota keeps pushing for evidence to back up the group’s voter fraud accusations. The evidence ends up being: “Some shit I read on the internet”:

CAMEROTA: But do you think three dozen or do you think 3 million? JOHNSON: I think there was a good amount because the president told

people that they could vote and it happened in Nashua we caught some people —


JOHNSON: That they went into Nashua and they said, the president said I could vote. I’m here illegally.

CAMEROTA: Did you hear President Obama say that illegal people could vote?

JOHNSON: Yes, I did.


CAMEROTA: On what — on what (INAUDIBLE) —


JOHNSON: I actually did hear it.

CAMEROTA: Tell me, where.

TONI DIBARTOLO: On — you can find it — Google it. You can find it on Facebook.

Our anchor’s reaction does a lot of emotional surrogate work for us:


(As Camerota goes on to note, the Trump supporters are referring to a deceptively edited Fox Business Channel clip of an interview between Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez and President Obama about voting.)

Alas, these Trump supporters stand to never be convinced otherwise, likely to their detriment. Because the people best positioned to benefit from pushing misinformation gleaned from misleading “news articles” on Facebook are politicians.

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