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Super Bowl Do’s & Don’ts: Girls vs. Guys

superbowl cover

Whether you’re rooting for the NE Patriots or the underdogs Atlanta Falcons just about all of the country will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. Watch Garcelle and Qui sit down with a few funny SmallTalkers, Rich, Mel, Kiara and Rocky, as the guys and gals duke it out about proper Super Bowl party etiquette. The Super Bowl is literally a “holiday” for some fellas, so our gents give the ladies some words of advice on how to enjoy the game even if you’re a not a football wiz- from when the plays are great to a fumble on the field, Rich and Mel give us a heads up on when to shout or just shut up and let the fanatics go crazy.

And for the ladies that keep up go ahead and give us some pointers below on your best Super Bowl behavior even if it’s rowdier than guys.


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