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Oscars 2017: The 21 Best, Worst and Most Uncomfortable Moments

Denzel Washington officiating a wedding. Seth Rogen breaking into an impromptu Hamilton performance. Oh, and La La Land incorrectly being named Best Picture. Those were just a few of the truly bizarre things that took place at the 89th Annual Academy Awards.

Late-night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel managed to do a decent job as Oscars host — which, if you haven’t repressed all memories of James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s 2011 hosting stint, you’ll know is no small feat. Sure, we could’ve done without his tired banter with frenemy Matt Damon, all of the attention paid to Mel Gibson, or that lackluster edition of Mean Tweets, but that was the worst of what otherwise entertaining three-plus hours had to offer.

As for the good stuff: Viola Davis gave an all-time great acceptance speech. Lion star Sunny Pawar made the cutest Lion King ever. And Meryl Streep ate a Junior Mint! Want more of the best (and worst) moments the 2017 Oscars had to offer? Join us right here for the after-party.


LEAST EXPECTED REUNION During Justin Timberlake’s opening number, he stopped to give a quick bro-hug to Ryan Gosling; they starred together as kids on Disney’s All-New Mickey Mouse Club. Now can we get these two into the studio for a grown-up collaboration? Image: Courtesy of ABC


WORST CAREER ADVICE After Timberlake wrapped up, host Jimmy Kimmel faux-congratulated him: “I really hope the guys from *NSYNC were watching… There’s a good chance they might let you back in the band.” Hmph. Late night’s other Jimmy would never treat JT this way. Image: Courtesy of ABC


LAZIEST OPENING BIT We’ve already seen Kimmel spar with Matt Damon on his ABC talk show, and at the Emmys… did we really need to see another round of it at the Oscars? (Although that “China ponytail” dig was pretty sweet.) Image: Courtesy of ABC


TRUMP-IEST OVATION Kimmel paid tribute to our tweet-happy president by jokingly slamming the “uninspiring and overrated” Meryl Streep, asking the crowd to give her a “totally undeserved round of applause.” And Streep played along, like the pro she is. Image: Courtesy of ABC


LEAST PREPARED PRESENTER SNL‘s Kate McKinnon played dumb — hilariously — when co-presenting with Jason Bateman, guessing that makeup is “the art of ending an argument” and that costumes are “the cost of humes.” She’s right, you know: Humes are getting mighty costly these days. Image: Courtesy of ABC


MOST PAINFUL PUNCHLINE Kimmel only received groans when he joked after the win for the documentary O.J.: Made in America, “O.J., you get an extra slice of bologna on your sandwich tonight.” It’s not easy to make us side with O.J. Simpson, but Kimmel’s tasteless joke somehow managed it. Image: Courtesy of ABC


BEST GRACE UNDER PRESSURE 16-year-old singer Auli’i Cravalho brought the house down with her stunning performance of “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana… and didn’t even miss a note when one of the dancers clocked her in the head with a flag! Image: Courtesy of ABC


BIGGEST CANDY CRUSH Kimmel’s idea to bombard the crowd with tiny parachutes of candy felt like a rip-off on Ellen’s pizza bit from a few years ago… but we can’t be mad at anything that makes Taraji P. Henson this happy. Image: Courtesy of ABC


MOST AWARD-WORTHY ACCEPTANCE SPEECH Best Supporting Actress winner Viola Davis delivered a powerhouse acceptance speech, so passionate and emotional that it brought audience members to tears. Afterwards, Kimmel joked: “Viola just got nominated for an Emmy for that speech.” Image: Courtesy of ABC


MOST HUMAN MOMENT FROM AN ICON Legendary actresses… they’re just like us! Streep showed us a refreshingly naughty side when she snuck a Junior Mint during a commercial break. Image: Courtesy of ABC


LONGEST-DISTANCE SPEECH When Iran’s The Salesman won for Best Foreign Language Film, Anousheh Ansari delivered a speech on behalf of the film’s director Asghar Farhadi, who stayed home to protest Trump’s travel ban — a ban Farhadi called “a deceitful justification for aggression and war.” Image: Courtesy of ABC


SHADIEST COSTARS Why do 50 Shades of Grey‘s Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson always look like they’re on a bad blind date together? When they co-presented Best Production Design, she made a lame joke, and they looked like they wanted to get off the stage as soon as humanly possible. Image: Courtesy of ABC


BEST FAIRYTALE ENDING Yeah, Kimmel’s bit where he brought an unsuspecting busload of tourists into the Oscars ran a little long. But we did love seeing engaged couple Vicki and Gary get an impromptu wedding ceremony from Vicki’s favorite actor, Denzel Washington. Image: Courtesy of ABC


CUTEST LION KING AUDITION We know Donald Glover is playing Simba in the live-action Lion King adaptation, but after Kimmel lifted the adorable Lion star Sunny Pawar into the air with “The Circle of Life” blaring… we could find a way to fit him in there, too, right? Image: Courtesy of ABC


LEAST CUTE HAMILTON AUDITION Lin-Manuel Miranda loved it… but Seth Rogen’s attempt at singing a song from Hamilton was pretty rough for the rest of us. (Including Michael J. Fox, who had to stand next to him.) Image: Courtesy of ABC


MOST BELABORED JOKE Kimmel may have scored tens of thousands of retweets with his attempt to contact President Trump via Twitter (#MerylSaysHi). But by that point, we had just about overdosed on anti-Trump jokes. Image: Courtesy of ABC


STAR MOST IN NEED OF A PHOTOGRAPHY LESSON Kimmel’s Oscars version of “Mean Tweets” was mostly uneventful, but we did learn that Jessica Chastain has no idea what “white balance” is. She’s great in front of the camera… but maybe not so great behind it? Image: Courtesy of ABC


LAZIEST CLOSING BIT OK, we did giggle when presenter Matt Damon was announced as “Ben Affleck… and guest.” But really, couldn’t those ten minutes we spent on Kimmel’s tired We Bought a Zoo jokes have been spent on, you know, this year’s movies? Image: Courtesy of ABC


COOKIE MOST IN NEED OF A COOKIE Better hand over those cookies, Octavia: Have you seen what Taraji is capable of on Empire?! Image: Courtesy of ABC


BEST BROTHERLY LOVE No one was happier for Casey Affleck’s Best Actor win than his older brother Ben, who leapt up to give his baby bro a big bear-hug and a kiss. Party in Boston tonight! Image: Courtesy of ABC


BIGGEST TWIST ENDING On the last (and biggest) award of the night, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced La La Land as Best Picture… and then halfway through the speech, they realized that Moonlight actually won?! Steve Harvey, you’re officially and forever off the hook. Image: Courtesy of ABC


Source: TVLine

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