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Cydnee With a C Drops ‘I’ll Be Your Chick’ Video Featuring OG Maco

[XXL Mag] Atlanta singer Cydnee With A C just teamed up with her ATL native OG Maco for the release of her new video. “I’ll Be Your Chick” is a subtle yet dope visual that captures a lot of summertime vibes as Cydnee cruises around in her drop-top Jeep with her friends, smokes a little weed. Everything comes to an end with a very chill house gathering.

Produced by D.C. native Grey Goon, the track “I’ll Be Your Chick” catches Cydnee singing about doing whatever she needs for her dream man as OG Maco adds his verse about not taking his woman for granted.

Atlanta has been breeding a lot of great talent lately and Cydnee With A C continues to prove that theory correct. Her melodic sound mixed with her sensual voice and the smoothness of the instrumental shows that there is more to this southern belle than we know. “I’ll Be Your Chick” is Cydnee With A C’s first well-known single and it’s definitely buzzing.

Check out the full video for “I’ll Be Your Chick” below.



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