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Finally Getting Rid Of My Acne!

I never had an acne problem during my teenage years. I got lucky and survived Junior high school and high school acne-free. When I turned 21, my so-called friend named “Acne” came into my life.

I have tried everything to get rid of this back-stabbing friend. Mask, youtube, dermatologist, natural products, etc… You name it, I probably tried it. Do not get me wrong, my acne is not as bad as others that I have seen. However, I am still getting pimples on my face.

One of my past guy coworkers saw me rubbing my face because I was tired, and he immediately told me to not touch my face with my fingertips. “Your fingers touch a lot of stuff throughout the day. Then you are touching your face with your dirty fingers,” he exclaimed.

After moving to LA, I decided to follow his rule. I have not touched my face in three days. My skin has cleared up and I am anxious to see what happens after a month of not touching my face.


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