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I Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed…Sad :(

So, yesterday I woke up feeling sad and unmotivated. I do not know why because I had a great day and night prior. I was mostly upset about my financial debt and how I really took a leap of faith and left everything behind just to pursue my dream. I know this may sound crazy, especially with all the blessings I have been receiving. I was mostly upset because I kept wondering if I made te right move, and will my career flourish.

I decide to try and put that behind me and continue this new day on a positive note. I started to look online for things to do so I can update my daily Instagram post. While searching the web, I stumbled upon a post about the Wisdom Tree in LA.

According to We Like LA:

“Legend has it that the Wisdom Tree (or as some call it the Magic Tree) on the summit of Burbank Peak was the only tree left standing after a devastating wildfire fire in 2007 burned more than 817 acres in and around Griffith Park, including Dante’s View and Captain’s Roost.

Today some hikers visit the spot to leave diary-style notes in ammo boxes that reside below the tree while others just meditate for awhile or simply enjoy the amazing view.”

Of course, I decide to write a letter to the wisdom tree about all of my problems, concerns, and dreams (I only wrote a page and a half). I drove to the hike location.and began my hike to the wisdom tree. Fifteen minutes into the hike, I started to regret my decision to take this hike. The air was hot and thick causing my breathing to slow down. It was about noon, so the sun was at it’s highest peak making it extremely hot. The climb was very steep and slippery from the dried dirt. Everything kept telling me to turn around and go back home. Something clicked in my head, and I started to compare this strenuous hike to what I am going through with my career and financially. I became determined to make it to the wisdom tree the same way I am determined to make it to te top of my career. The rocks, dirt, steepness, sun, bugs, lizards, and fear of failing all compared to the obstacles that have and are being thrown my way.

Once I officially made it to the wisdom tree, I was soooooo at peace and happy. If I could climb this mountain to make it to my goal, I can definitely beat the odds and become the next OPRAH. I left my write letters with the Wisdom Tree and realized that the tree (God) gave me strength just by getting to it. Of course, like every go-getter, your goals are never ending.

After taking all of those pictures, I bend down to pick up my water bottle and next to it was a rock. Written on it was the saying, “Keep Going.” So, I decided to take the .5mile hike to the back of the “Hollywood Sign.” I felt like I can take over the world after making it to the Wisdom Tree. However, I surely underestimated that hike. It was steeper than the wisdom tree hike, however, it was scarier because the trails were so close to te edge. One bad move can take your life. As scared I was, a thought popped into my mind about fear holding you back from greatness. There will be a lot of fear, but you have to overcome it to see great results. I took that thought and made it to the back of the sign.

Now, coming back down was not a piece of cake. It was as hard to climb up as to climb down (I hope that made sense). By the time I got back to the bottom, I looked around for anyone and screamed “I Made It” at the top of my lungs. I went from waking up on the wrong side feeling sad and hopeless to feeling like I am ready to take over this world. You never know what your tree (God) has in store for you. If you ever need guidance, seek it! However, seek it in your own journey. There is an answer to everything and it’s in you!


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