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Single of the Group + small TALK Moving Promo

Being the 3rd wheel is rarely any fun, you’re literally the odd one out. When the more couples get to pairing up it only gets worse. Watch Qui, Garcelle and Ryan talk about being the only free agent in a world of committed partnerships. Between the boundaries of friendships and tolerance of the “mushy stuff” the SmallTalkers hash out 3rd wheel etiquette and how to be the neutral best friend to someone who is in a relationship; especially if they’re of the opposite sex. Besides being pushy and always “having someone for you meet” couples can be a bit overwhelming but also some of the best company you can keep.


Small Talk moving

It is with great sadness and great pleasure that season 1 of #smallTALK is officially coming to an end. Only one more #episodes left in #Season1. Season #2 will Premiere June 5th with a #newcast and a #newlocation. So stay tuned and be sure to follow @smalltalkshow and subscribe to the #YouTube channel…. I will forever #love my #NewYork crew @garcellemybelle and @ryanregis_


small TALK is looking for a new co-host. Small Talk is a millennial show that breaks down those everyday topics that rarely make it past the casual every day, “hey how’s it going?” If you live in the Los Angeles region and want to be a co-host…submit your RESUME, REEL and HEADSHOT to smalltalk[at]quitalks[dot]com. This is a new show trying to get picked up, so this is an unpaid gig. If you are looking for compensation, please do not apply. If you are looking to gain experience and looking to be part of a team, we look forward to seeing what you got!

Submission deadline: May 1st, 2017

Small Talk casting.jpg



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