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NBA Championship Title Goes to Cleveland Cavaliers 93-89!

Cleveland Cavaliers 93-89 Golden State: LeBron James helps Cavs to make history as the first to win the NBA championship history, completing a major comeback.

  • Cleveland Cavaliers are the first team in NBA history to come back 3-1 deficit
  • LeBron James had his brilliant best and supplied promise, andreceived MVP at the end of the prize
  • It is the first major championship of the city of Cleveland as Cleveland Browns already in 1964

( The Golden State Warriors looked to take advantage of playing in Oracle Arena for Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. They came out of the gate swinging after losing the previous two games in the series and looked like they could run away with things as Stephen Curry hit some early shots and as Draymond Green looked like he was in store for his best game of the 2016 NBA Finals to date. Of course, a man by the name of LeBron James had other plans for the evening in Oakland.

Despite the fact that Green was absolutely on fire to the maximum degree in the first half—he went 5-5 from three and put up 22 points in the first two quarters—James was able to lead the way for his Cavaliers team to keep things manageable at the very least as Cleveland only went into the locker room trailing by seven points.

Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors defends against James who made a huge impact on route to a dramatic win for his side 

In the second half, it was the two teams just trading blows like in a heavyweight fight. Draymond continued to throw punches (figuratively), but Klay Thompson struggled mightily to get the job done while Curry continued to middle in mediocrity.

Down the stretch in the clutch, the narrative that had been present in the previous two games again came to the forefront, LeBron James an Kyrie Irving were clutch and knocked down the big shots while Curry and Thompson couldn’t find their rhythm (or the clutch gene). In the end, it was a historic night on the road for the Cavaliers as they ended the five-decades long title drought in Cleveland to win the 2016 NBA Championship.


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