Effing Journey – #StartSomethingNewToday

Ever wanted to start doing something, but you thought to yourself; “Where do I start?” Or for those who know where to start, just do not.

Well, here is my message to you; START DOING SOMETHING, NOW!



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Life begins when you make a shift. That shift, whether it be small or big, is when your journey begins. The size of the shift determines the size of your journey.

In the novel, Thirty-Three Cecils by Everett De Morierby, a man by the name Dutch has been an alcoholic. He knew what he had to do to make a shift in his life. However, while many would say, “Duh, stop drinking,” there was more to that. Not only did he stop drinking he also began journaling and stopped swearing.

book cover.png“So I’m sober today and I’m not swearing. Even if I get hit by the Number 7 bus ten minutes from now, I’ll die on one of the best days this year. I’m writing this because I was told to keep track of everything. They told me to do that before but I didn’t do it and maybe that’s the reason it didn’t work before so that’s why I’m trying it now. I’m starting this journal and I’m writing to you.”

No matter the size of your change, that change will begin a new layer of life. If you remain consistent with that change, new adventures will begin.

I know many people are stuck in a rut and have many ideas as to what they want to do with their life. Some are waiting for enough money, while others may be waiting for the right timing. Well, I am here telling you to start today. You will be surprised what you can get accomplished without money or time.



Stay tuned for the rest of this “Effing Journey!” I have so much more to tell you!

book cover.png


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