Dear Qui Talks: I am getting married, but…

Dear Qui Talks,

I am getting married, but I can’t stop thinking about this other person. I am in love with this other girl and I am in love with my fiance. My fiance is a brilliant, smart, loving, caring, amazing women. She is incredibly beautiful and so kind-hearted. The other women are so dominant, strong, independent, fun women. I love being around her because she brings out the best in me, but I do not know if I could live up to her level. 

My fiance is safe. She is easy going and pleasant. I love her calmness. The other woman is passionate. She works for the best and always achieves the best. This woman has dominates her life. I love everything about her. I’ve known her the longest. But, I may never be able to live up to her standards.

So, I made the right decision. I am choosing my fiance, but I can’t get the other women out of my mind. What is wrong with me?

Talkers this is for you to answer!




Categories: Diary, Qui Talks

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