Dear Qui Talks: I am in a situationship!

Hi Qui Talks,

I am addicted to someone who doesn’t really love me. I mean he “has love” for me but he does not love me the way I love him. I used to have the feeling where I would give it up all for him, but lately, I have been thinking otherwise.

He is the first person I have been with for such a long time. The funny thing is that we do not have titles, but we have titles. Does that make sense? In the beginning, we were so into each other. We wanted to be around each other all the time. But yet we still were not official but everyone knew me as his girl. Now here comes the cheating. Well was it really cheating since we did not have a title?

That was the first time I was really heartbroken. It tore me apart. But now it doesn’t hurt as much but it still hurts. I can not get over this man. He won’t leave me alone and neither will I. But we are still not together officially. What am I doing?

Talkers, this is for you to answer!


Categories: Diary, Qui Talks

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