Dear Quil Talks: I lost my virginity to the wrong guy!

Hi Qui Talks,

I know you may be asking, “How old is this girl?” Well, I am 20. Young, but not too young. I recently lost my virginity to this guy I just started dating. I only did it because I got tired of holding my virginity. The person I wanted to lose it to decided to get into a relationship. We had so many plans for how it was going to happen. But it never did.

Now, I am no longer a virgin and have no emotion towards it. I am not happy, sad, satisfied, amazed, loved, etc… All I keep thinking about is, “this is it!” Now I wish I could’ve waited. This was pointless. The person I believe would have made it amazing, decided to go and pick someone else. Well, now I wasted a good attribute of mine. 

I guess I am more annoyed at the fact that I just didn’t wait for the real deal. The real “love and basketball” moment. Instead, I settled because the man I wanted didn’t want me. Real smart! Virgin ladies out there, whoever is reading this….wait for real love. 

What a waste!


Talkers, this is for you to answer!


Categories: Diary, Qui Talks

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