Dear Qui Talks: My boyfriend won’t marry me after 13 years and two kids!

Hey Qui Talks,

I have been with my boyfriend for 13years. We have been with each other since the 8th grade. We have two beautiful kids together, we live with each other, and practically live a married life without a marriage. All of his friends and mine are married. People continuously ask me why am I still with him. I am starting to question that as well.

He is an amazing father and boyfriend. See, those two words do not look good together, father and boyfriend. It should read father and husband. He is the only man I have been with and I wouldn’t know what to do or where to go if we were to separate. I don’t really pressure him too much about marriage because I want him to naturally want to marry me, but how long does a girl have to wait?

We attend weddings almost every week and nothing. We just go home and continue with our marriageless life. Is it me? Does he not want to be married to me? What AM I doing wrong?

Talkers, this is for you to answer!


Categories: Diary, Qui Talks

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