Dear Qui Talks: What does a guy look for on social media?

Dear Qui Talks,

I have a question. With Instagram pics looking more and more synthetic, what exactly are guys looking for nowadays? 

I went on a date with a guy a few months back. At dinner, he asked me for my Instagram since we never really exchanged social media handles. He started to scan through my profile while we were sitting at the dinner table. As I watch him scroll through my feed, I watched his facial expressions. At first, he had a straight face, then his eyes opened wide and later he nodded back and forth with a satifying expression on his face. I wasn’t sure as to what pics he nodded to because he just put the phone down and continued on with our date. Seriously, dude! 

So what exactly are guys looking for nowadays?

What are 3 red flags that would turn him away (ii.e , she has a lot of male followers)? 

What are 3 positives that he looks for, that would make him want to possibly date her (ii.e. She posts some pics without make up and she looks good)?


Fellas, this is for you to answer!




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