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Dear Small Talk: I need to talk to you!

Dear Small Talk,

I just found out about the craziest thing. I have been looking for my brother for the past 10 years. I never really told anybody about this because my dad kicked him out of the house and I have not seen him since.

The reason why he was kicked out, it was because he had a child at a very young age, and my parents to not approve. Here’s the funny part. I, too had a child at a very young age, but since I was younger than my brother and a female; my parents allow me to stay in our home and supported me with my child.

It always weight on me because my brother who made the same mistake I made was treated completely different. He was thrown onto the streets while I was allowed to remain home and have an entire support system to rely on.

So here’s the crazy part. I found my brother, well nephew! But here’s the twist, my nephew, whom is very close in age with my daughter is in foster care.

Again my brother made the same mistake I made and his life had a completely different outcome vs my life. We never realize how different our life could be if you did not have a team of people helping you along the way. Many of us claim independents and solidarity however, God did not put us into this world to be alone. Having a team of people who support, love and encourage you is fully needed in able to survive in this world.

I am grateful for the life I have lived but I cannot help and wonder if our positions were flipped!

Talkers, this is for you guys to answer!

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