Dear Qui Talks: Friends, Family…Depression

Dear Qui Talks,

I am writing to you because depression seems to be a new norm for many people. With everything going on in this world nowadays, many people can’t seem to find a way out of their current unhappy state.

Social media doesn’t make it any better because you see how great everybody else’s life is and you start to wonder where did you go wrong with yours. Let’s not even talk about life. They tell us how are life is supposed to be and we end up living the complete opposite. Another big doozy would be finances. Money seems so always be the issue.

Additional to that, you have friends and family who do not understand your current situation or state of mind and they tend to pounce on you because you are not who you used to be. Not saying that they intentionally mean any harm, however without realizing it they actually make the situation even worse.

So I decided to tell you a secret on how to handle people who seem to be unhappy. I believe that we are unable to solve everybody’s problems. Even if we are able to solve it will that really be the answer.

What is really going on in this world is that everybody puts up an iron wall that will not allow up to express any issues or any feeling of sadness. We have been told to never let anyone see us cry or sweat. Well, when you do not cry or sweat all those tears and perspiration builds up on the inside and you begin to drown.

Sometimes someone who is unhappy just needs a shoulder to cry on or vent to. Sometimes a person just need somebody to listen to them without responding or giving them any advice. Other times you just want to escape reality and do something mind-boggling just to forget about your current state.

What I want to say to everyone is that if you see someone unhappy or falling into depression just let them vent and cry. Do not say a word!

Plus alcohol and weed are great icebreakers!

Talkers, this is for you to respond!


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