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Dear Small Talk: Please, teach your kids about the African American race!

Dear Small Talk,

I just had the craziest experience. While shopping at Whole Foods, a Caucasian little girl sitting in a shopping cart points at me and ask her mom, “What is that?”

The mother proceeded to ask her daughter, “what are you talking about honey what is what?”

The child pointed directly at me, with her finger wiggling towards my face and ask her mother again, “That…what is that?”

I looked at the little girl pointing and directly looking at me in my eyes. Her mother asked for a final time, now finally tuning in to see what her daughter is pointing too; “What are you talking about honey?”

When her mother realize that her daughter was pointing to me asking, “What is THAT?”… she was embarrassed and just turned around. Her mother did not say anything nor did she tell her daughter to stop pointing.

“Hi, I am a Black Queen. Who are you?”

So I say to you, parents, out there…you must inform your kids about all the other cultures and ethnicities that exist in this world other than their own. Your household is not what the world. So if you do not teach your kids at home about different cultures, they will grow up to not know about these cultures and make their own assumption. Which will make an “ASS” out of them. So again please teach your kid about the African-American race.

Speak to us, we can teach you. We won’t bite!

Talkers, this is for you!

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