Dear Qui Talks: New Rule for 2018

Dear Qui Talks,

With 2017 coming to an end and 2018 making its appearance, I want to set a new rule into effect. This year has been a hell of a year. We have seen so much destruction ranging from the natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and the turmoils that have occurred in our personal lives. I would like everyone to go into 2018 with a positive outlook on things.

Many of us dwell on the negatives that are occurring and start to think about only negative outcomes. All of our what-ifs and maybes are all negative. We only think about the bad that could occur and never really have wishful thinking anymore. When we are put in a negative position, instead of persevering, we put ourselves into depression by thinking of what “could” happen. We stop thinking about where we are “RIGHT NOW” and start thinking about stuff that has not even occurred. We automatically alter our future with negative thoughts and move in the direction of negativity. 

Have you ever thought, “If I only think about positive things, could I alter my future to be more positive?” The answer is, “Yes!” Us, as humans, have the ability to alter our future to live a more positive and amazing life. 

Think about it! When good things happen, it is normally a ripple effect. You start to live in the positive realm, so all good things start to happen. As soon as you create a negative thought, that negativity carries out. Once you see something bad happens, we all start to think about all the bad that could occur and “boom” her comes the bad. The negativity you kept thinking about has manifested itself into your life because you basically woke it up.

So for 2018, my people, let’s remain in the positive realm. Let’s defeat all negativity with positive thoughts and actions. Do not let one bad thing alter your entire life. Let it happen and keep persevering. Everything happens for a reason, so let it happen and keep moving forward. All the bad happens so you make be wiser, stronger, and undefeatable. 

Again people, BE PRESENT!


Talkers, this is for you all!


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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