Dear Qui Talks: Enough with the petty stuff!

Dear Qui Talks,

Why is this world so petty? Everyone is being malicious and evil just to get an arousal put of others. We all are so quick to retaliate instead of educating others.

Have you ever thought to yourself – who really knows me entirely?

When you experience an issue with another individual it is not them being mean, in fact that could be their true self. But because you do not like their response, action, or ways – you become petty.

We are all so quick to react as soon as you “feel” that you could be getting played. Honestly, what you “feel” is not factual. In reality, you may just be seeing a person true honest self. Or my favorite is when both parties are confused as to what is going on but instead of growing a pair and having a true conversation, we react.

People will hate what they do not understand!

How about you ask a question and see what’s the answer. How about you show your true self, so they can show their true self or get clarity.

We are all have hidden agendas and get upset when somebody else has a hidden agenda. Like they say, “treat others the way you would like to be treated.” If you are treating somebody else with an agenda, what makes you think that person may not treat you with an agenda?

I am sincerely tired of everyone and their pettiness and wanting to hurt others instead of bring people up. If someone hurts our feelings we’re so quick to find a way to hurt them more just to make ourselves feel better. Do you really feel better?

Have you ever thought to yourself about a time someone did something evil to you and you were confused about their reaction? Especially since you were being your honest self. Now flip the role! You probably hurt people for no apparent reason.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right!” I know….cliche…but a lot of people do not follow that rule. Next time you feel a type of way about a person, how about you be the bigger person and ask them what’s the problem?

Talkers, how petty were you this year?


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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