Dear Qui Talks: #DisableInstagram

Dear Qui Talks,

I decided to do an experiment and disable my Instagram. Now I only disabled my Instagram for about two weeks, however I stop posting pictures on Instagram for a little over a month.

My first experience without posting pics was perfectly fine. Mainly, because I didn’t care to take any pictures or videos of my every move. I actually got to enjoy being in the presence and not worrying about grabbing my phone to take a picture or a video. Then taking time out to make it perfect. Then taking more time out to add filters and/or figure out the caption…so on and so forth.

I actually got to experience every moment and leave my phone in my bag. However, I was still able to watch people on Instagram. I started to realize that also took a lot of time out of my day. I would be idle for 2 minutes, pull out my phone and lost about 15 minutes, plus. Mainly because whoever I was with was doing the same.

I decided, “that’s it” and disabled my Instagram. I did not set a time as to when or how long I am going to disable it. Or, if I even decided to fully delete it. One day, I woke up and decided to remove the app completely on all of my gadgets. As the days went on, I caught myself going through my phone to look for Instagram.

What I did analyze is being able to wake up earlier do things because now I’m not spending 15 to 20 minutes, sometime an hour on Instagram scrolling through my feed, not even really fully paying attention to what I’m scrolling through. This was just after waking up.

Since I was making up time, I have been able to work out, sleep in for an extra few minutes if I wanted too. I also had time to think about things and not sink my thought into my phone. I allowed my mind to fully process things. I’ve actually focus on what’s new and appreciate everything else around me.

I started to look at myself in the mirror. Now, this I did not realize until the other day, when I decided to enable my Instagram just for 5 minutes to check a DM message someone sent me. As I logged back into my Instagram, I read all of my DM messages, when I was supposed to only read one and responded to other messages. People were so concerned because I haven’t been posting. As if, not posting about your life means something is wrong. Ever thought, my life is my own.

I also wasted time looking at all the new followers I’ve received (do not know any of them) and scrolling through my feed (majority I have never met). When I snapped back into reality, I realized 30 minutes has past.

After immediately disabling my instagram for the second time, I started to look at myself in the mirror. Without any effort, I started to compare things that somehow embedded itself into my brain. Just from scrolling through my instagram, not even realizing that the things that I saw already went into my head, I start to compare the things I started to love about myself again and see why I should not love them. I was looking at somebody else. Not to say that I don’t love everything about myself, but you just start to compare…”I wonder if I had this it would be a little bit cuter.” You would’ve never knew about that flaw if you did not have something to compare it too.

Here is an example…..You ever try something new for the first time and like it. Then try something similar to it but created differently and you enjoy that one even more. Now, you start to doubt the first thing you tasted. Not to say the first item was not good, it was just different. Equally good, just different. We tend to forget the “different” part.

Now back to my story!

It’s pretty interesting how my thought process has changed with being disconnected from instagram for two weeks. Even my perception of things already started to change. I felt as if I enjoyed life a little bit more. Not worrying about my phone and being able to physically speak to my friends over the phone for hours, as if I were back in middle school or High School. Majority of our conversations have been taking place over DM, just by sending funny posts to each other. That has been our way of communication. I enjoyed the intimate conversations I’ve had with my friends….on the physical phone!

Many of us know how social media has effected us….HOWEVER….have you ever disabled your instagram for more then a month? How about 2 weeks? I recommend trying it!

Talkers, for this new year…try this challenge. #DisableInstgram

Tell us how have your life changed.


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