Dear Qui Talks: Be nice for 7 days! (Try it)

Dear Qui Talks,

I decided to try something new and just be nice for 7 days. No matter how upset would get or how annoying people could be, I decided to just treat everyone with kindness; for 7 days.  Anything that could underneath my skin, I replaced with my “niceness.” (Is that even a word?)

During the 7 days, I concluded a few things

One, I had a lot of energy and was more excited about waking up in the morning. I wasn’t going to sleep upset about things that have occurred. Just think about it! Have you ever realized how tired you get after crying? Or, how exhausted you are after an argument? Getting mad uses a lot of energy. They have always told us, it requires more bones to frown than to smile. (Sit back and think about that for awhile.)

Second, I realized that being nice to others made a lot of people standoffish. In general, a lot of us are on the fence when someone is a little, ‘too nice.’ We are not sure of their alternative motive or if they are being genuine. I’ve watched people’s reactions as I waved or said “Hi.” (Mind you, I only spoke to them because I caught them starring.) They would just turn around or walk away. I thought, “then why were you staring at me if you did not want me to say hi?” 

Third, coworkers started to think I had crushes on them, just by saying hi and smiling. Apparently, being helpful and nice to others automatically means you have some sort of affection towards them.

Lastly, people thought I was a little too nice. (I didn’t really tell anyone I was going to be nice for seven days.) When someone at the grocery store shared a few words with me, I responded with a smile! Friends of mine told me I was too nice. “You should have said”… XYZ.  “Why did you just smile and walk away?”

They did have an effect on my afterthought. (You know those, I should have said this… though.) I automatically started to alter my decision.  I started to think maybe I was a little too nice…then, you’re back to being bothered. I had to realize that being nice did not make me oblivious or a wimp. (All the things I really wanted to say were not going to be nice so I keep quiet. I was really taking this being nice for 7 days, serious!)  The problem is, we combine being nice with being PUSSY! It is either you show your strength or people will walk all over you. Others will walk over mean people, too! It’s all about your intelligence level. Educate don’t hate! 

Things started to appear differently within the 7 days of being nice. Now, I did run into some really nice people and made some great connections within those 7 days. I was able to meet someone that was in the music industry. A well-known person, at that. (Too bad I am not trying to be a singer.)  I also met someone who owned an entire garden and invited me to come pick fruits and vegetables for FREE!

We are so hooked up on the “resting bitch face,” we do not realize that we may be missing opportunities! I am going to try this for 30 days. This is going to be a challenge!

Talkers, it’s a new year! Try something different. Be nice for 7 days and let us know how it went. #7DaysNiceness


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