Dear Qui Talks: I’m Scared of Change but I Need Something New!

Dear Qui Talks,

After a year of great trials and tribulation; suffering and huge closings, I finally realized I became a new person.

We complain about wanting change in our lives, every time the new year hits but remain on the same path as last year. Life is like transitioning hair from perm to kinky or growing out your old pixie cut.

First you make the decision to finally change your hair. You are excited about the change and ready for something new. Subsequently, you stop perm’ing your hair or stop shaping your pixie cut. About a month or so of your life changing decision, you enter the “awkward phase.” That is the phase where your hair just looks weird. Your natural curls are starting to grow in with your old straightened hair or your pixie is growing out and your hair is unmanageable. Similar to life after any huge change comes trials and tribulations.

After making that change (leaving an ex, moving, changing careers, or anything) your life seems out of control. Everything just seems to be going wrong and you have lost control of styling your hair. At this point you want to revert back to your old ways because you start to think “you have made a mistake.” What we tend to forget is with any new growth in life, we are never ready. Even if you make plans, you are never ready. It’s called “growth.” You are going to have a new life and be a new person. If you knew what you would be in store for then it would not be “new.”

Thereafter, the awkward phase (trial/tribulation) things start to come together with little effort. Your new grown hair falls into place correctly, styling it is more manageable, and you start to feel like yourself again. A newly buffed and waxed self. Now, if someone from last year sees you, they may not even recognize who you are because they knew the old permed or pixie cut, you! Now you are ready to enjoy this new life until you decide to make another change.

I basically wrote all of this to tell everyone in the middle of any trial they may be facing; to hold on, you are almost there. Just keep going, change is coming. Even when you do not feel like you can push through, push harder. Something greater is waiting for you!

Talkers, who are afraid to make that change in their life because they do not know what is in store for them? Or in the middle of a change and want to quit? If this is you, make that change now or keep going. Something greater is waiting for you.


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